Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Happy New Year


It's coming to a close, (this chapter at least)
We have just turned around, not going any further West or North in completing our circle of the North Atlantic.
Our Log from when we started is now over 9000 nm...
..well our heading is now SSE.. after spending New Years in the Isle de Colebra (Spanish Virgin Islands) Before that we blew through Norman's Island, St. John's, St Thomas and now the Spanish Virgins Islands. Should be back in the British Virgins later tomorrow. Funny all this talk of "Virgins" an Oxymoron these days, both in Place and People, (the later I'm just guessing), not much on these islands that is untouched.

Reality aside, I feel we pulled the pin on going to work way too soon,..... this life style is so Freakin Good... just not ready for it end, been lucky and blessed every step of the way, thus I don't dare complain, just need to make the best out of the month that is left.
Our plan to leave the boat in Cuba was altered due to a meeting I have to attend back in Canada next week, however it all seems to be coming together as we found reasonable dock $pace in Simpson Bay back in Sint Marteen. It's not a Marina but a great Pub called Royal Turtle Inn (by the Airport Terminal building) which has it's own dock and few boats on it, we pay a small amount for the boat per month and gave oath we'd visit the bar at least once a day, was thinking a few times a day wouldn't hurt, but was quickly Vetoed by Vicky.
We are planning to leave the boat there till May, with Vicky and Kids remaining onboard till things are settled away (or the snow melts) back in Saint John's, New Brunswick. Vicky is now hoping many of our friends we met along the way (which we thought we'd miss) will now be able to visit as they make there way Caribs. ??

Then it will be a quick delivery will be back very quick trip back to Canada late May, probably via Bermuda, looking for Suicidal Volunteers

Happy New Year to All

From the Boags


  1. Wow! You do get a move on when you put your mind to it! We won't make it to the Royal Turtle Inn this year, but maybe next. Happy New Year!

  2. Nice meeting you at The Bight (Norman Island). We were the only virgins there:) Enjoy Simpson Bay and the transition back to the real world. -- Beth (who was on Slim Chance with Ian and Maile the gregarious paddleboarders)

  3. I wish I could say that I'm a suicidal volunteer... But I have my IB exams at the end of may :(

  4. What sort of experience are you lookin for ? Been in the Bay of Fundy a few times..and once to Grand Manan ! But we have been dreaming of sailing a long time now.. you folks are an inspiration. We have pulled the odd line and have followed the 1,000 days at sea guy. So. We're interested.