Monday, August 31, 2009

First time caller

Hola, the other half or should I say Quarter here, this is my first time and maybe last if I don't keep it cleam in to the blog site, Hey I was surprised to see that photo shop pictures of my head on stick or corspe dragging behind the boat for shark bait has not be posted by my dearest, maybe there is hope yet.
I have been asked (held ransom) to contribute, so here goes....... first in true "Olous fashion" I will cheat (cut and paste) from some earlier emails I had sent to friends starting from when we first arrived into Ireland.

"............over a week ago now after a relatively smooth crossing. After departing St. John's at noon on the 17th of last month, we anchored off the Village of Baltimore in 4 m of water, the morning of July 29th. Much quicker than anticipated.
We picked up two extra crew for the trip, ..My father Colin, who is hard of hearing and knew we wouldn't let the kids out on deck in the North Atlantic so he could escape the inevitable family drama, and Tara my 16 year old my niece, who simply didn't know the difference, but turn out to be a real tropper and a great help, although I fear for any future roommates she will have.

Having the extra crew allowed us to push the boat a little harder than if I have been by myself/family, we managed to cover off the rhum line distance of 1640 nm in 11 days 9 hrs (corrected time)> Due to the one Gale which gave us some head winds we actually covered off almost 1900nm through the water as we headed North for almost two days, this gave us an average speed of 7 knots, which is good timing, considering our last boat we would be luck to average 4-5 knots over that sort of distance. We had a total of 23 hours of steaming (with the engine on a little above idle) at 4-5 knots, this included motoring out and into harbour and time we were totally becalmed and I got orders from the Admiral to "hurry the hell up , (this was a few days after leaving Newfoundland).
Our little single banger Kubota Generator was on for a total of 22 hours for charging batteries and keeping the watermaker working. We arrived in port still holding some 1600 liters of fuel and our water tanks full at 1200 liters.
Looking back through the log our strongest wind gust was a little over 40 knots and we had sustained winds of 35 knots for over 18 hours. Sea state I find are always hard to estimate pending the size of boat you are on, the forecasted average waves of 5-6m during the gale, which seemed to be accurate with peak waves a little over 8-9 meters. Highest pressure system was 1015mb and lowest low was 994 mb. Experienced alot of RDF, rain drizzle and fog, and our temperatures were consistently between 12 and 15*C most days with the sun only make a brief appearance one of our 12 days.
Top boat speed 14 knots through the water and 14.4 over the ground due to Atlantic current we had with us. (this was during the gale as it clocked around giving some winds and waves on our stern. Slowest speed was minus 1 knot just before getting the order to put the engine on, Our first point of land was Fastnet Rock at 0600hr morning of our landfall at Baltimore and our First but not last Guinness was at 1230hrs later that day....... That pretty much it for the stats.
For those that don't know "Atmosphere" she is 53 LOA and 50 waterline lenght. She has a 14 foot beam and draws a little over 2 meters. She originally was very light at just over 22,000 lbs, but today she is probably closer to 30,000lbs or more with all the modifications and junk onboard. Our aft swim platform (stern scoop) which was above the water a few years ago is now 2 inches below water

On the trip across we started with a 4 hour modified watch system with Dad and Tara opposite watch to myself this would be done around the clock. They hand steered for all their watches, however I used our auto helm for assistance in all but the heavy weather which time we shortened sails and watches going to a three hours.

Upon arrival here in Baltimore I have continued with a few boat projects with Vicky and crew getting out to explore around the area and get supplies and laundry done in Skibereen the closest town which has facility.
We proudly flying our Canadian and SJPBC bur gee in good holding mud about 300 meters (2 mins by tender) away from the Center of the Universe (Bushes Pub).
Not only can you catch up on all the latest dock talk and rehydrate yourself, the place provides showers (much needed for the visitors) and this can all be done while the kids play under your bar stool! I have been told this isn't quality time with your children, but I'm sure it's not that far off in the grand scheme of things. I think in fact I'll ponder that question a few more times before we leave.
Speaking of which, the rain and cool temperatures seem to have followed us, thus we have decided to sail directly across the Bay of Biscay to Northern Spain (La Corona sp?) this upcoming Tuesday when our extra crew fly home........."

As commented earlier the Sail across of the Biscay was more of a motoring event, however the wind did pipe up on the last day which gave us a good ride into A Coruna

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pictures to come at some point..honest...we had some problems with internet so are just getting back in touch. Just arrived in Baiona Spain. Smooth beam reach sail down the coast. Amazingly it is much hotter here! All is well but must get our tired boy off to bed.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

well I think they are going to have to kick us off the dock or Olous will secretly pull the lines late tonite.(he is good at that) We love a coruna but it is time to hoist the sails take another gravol and venture south. And for those back home no need to worry no sideffects of Bill over here just the same old north atlantic. Next town on the horizon is Camarinas about 60nm so a 10ish hour sail.
Sorry we are not great at updating this sailing life is busy stuff so much too see and by the time we get back to the boat, socialize with other boaters, learn some spanish, settle the crew down, have a night's pretty much time for bed. We will aim to get better! In the meantime hasta leugo until camarinas

Saturday, August 15, 2009

oops forgot to update on our awesome crew status...they are tucked away in warm dry beds back in north america probably having lots of hot showers and eating lots of great food (not soggy toast)oh and drinking lots of chai lattes (tara:)) Thank-you again guys...we miss ya!
Just a hop skip and a jump across the bay of biscary (biscay)..3 nights 4 days..wind behind us, whisked us right along and I have too say the seas were rather calm...king neptune felt kind. I somehow still wasn't feeling great but the kids were bopping around and having a great time. we miss Baltimore but definetly not the cold...about 100nm off it started warming up and finally we were drying out. Completed 8 loads of laundry today and pretty much dried it all on the line. One guy walked by and said the last time he seen so many clothes was in hongkong.
A coruna is quite the city..lots of interesing statues, old architecture, neat curvy alleyways, loads of cervasa and we even tried the local delicacy ..octopus..Nyah liked it, Rogan could leave it.
Maybe off to santiago de la compestello tomorrow via train we'll see manana....

Monday, August 10, 2009

sailing on...19:30 and we are hauling anchor...bearing 180. Heading across the Bay of biscay and on to la coruna spain. Between 4-8 days depending on what king neptune throws at us. Its funny how you can really look at town different on your way out of port. Baltimore was a fun and friendly spot. We'll miss it.
On to new frontiers...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Roggie's turns 3 today! We are off to Heir Island supposedly there is a beachlike area to wade in. We are just going to take the dingy over. Not exactly beach weather but were desperate. Met another french couple with two kiddies, they are also on an aluminum boat.

Probably heading too spain sooner than we thought....try to head to elusive sunny weather...

Monday, August 3, 2009

5 days in Baltimore. I think we are officially honorary resisdents. What a great little town no postoffice but they do have a swimming pool. There has been a big sailing regetta here this weekend so the town population has significantly increased. Music in the town strip and we just figured it would be irish but they played beachboys and jimmy buffet...go figure. Still beer was cold and it was fun in the crowd.
Tara starts irish sailing school tomorrow, so she definetely is going to be a pro by the end of the end of the trip. It's raining here again and about 15..I think this is as good as it gets here.